Dr bharat sanghani Case study

Generating leads with a disruptive messaging strategy

Check out how a personal brand established a unique identity, created awareness, amplified brand reach to its ideal audience, propel brand image, and generated leads with audience segmentation and strategic branding, video and content marketing strategies.

Targeted Marketing Channels for Driving Visibility

Video Marketing
Web Development

About the Project

The client is a practicing cardiologist and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology with 30 years expertise in real estate. The client’s firm secured $2 billion in revenue by providing valuable advice about mentorship, and consulting to entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals on wealth, health, and lifestyle. To take the program to the right audience, the client realized they lacked a wide-scale marketing strategy to reach a larger audience.

With this dilemma, the client got in touch with Buzzvire to generate quality leads via their tailored mentorship programs to customers struggling to earn money or find success in their personal, professional, and business pursuits.

Buzzvire’s expertise in branding and digital marketing strategies helped to garner more leads and boost the brand awareness by large margins in a very short time.

Our Roles

  • Brand Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Optimization

Incredible Results Achieved


Boost in Reach and Leads

Enhanced website interface with improved content strategy helped reach the ideal audience


Surge in Website Traffic

The interactive content and regular blog updates increased website traffic quarterly.


Increase in Email Conversion Rate

The segmented approach and personalized campaigns increased 10.89% MoM growth.

Finding Solutions to Challenges Together

1. Establishing a niche brand image

  • Boosting Reach with Video Marketing
  • Boosting Reach with Video Marketing
  • Creating a distinct brand image among the competition
  • Creating a distinct brand image among the competition

2. Segmenting according to the audience

  • Identifying different target audience groups
  • Segregating with hierarchy of needs
  • Tailoring offerings based on audience’s specific needs

3. Enhancing Website Experience

  • Refreshing website design for increased time spent on website
  • Incorporating inspiring aesthetic color schemes on the website
  • Revamping content with crisp messaging

4. Boosting Reach with Video Marketing

  • Implementing entertainment and appealing visuals
  • Content personalization with client’s life story and experiences
  • Focussed the messaging on providing benefits to viewers

Receiving Client Appreciation For

  • Heightened brand reach
  • Established brand identity
  • 3X relevant and top quality leads
  • Engaging website design and optimization

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