Couponchief Case study

Boosting website traffic and doubling deals

Check out how a global workgroup of coupon contributors and auditors boosted their traffic, doubled their daily deals, improved monthly visits on their website, and created new pathways with improved digital marketing solutions.

Targeted Marketing Channels for Driving Visibility

Web Development

About Project

Couponchief is a global workgroup comprising 20+ coupon contributors and auditors with a primary objective of helping customers save money. The coupon industry, however, is one of the most competitive sectors.

Realizing the need to expand its digital territory and visibility, Couponchied approached Buzzvire with the intention of reaching customers effectively through an efficient website.

Like any other company, Couponchief’s bigger objective was to gain more customers and increase its sales and ROI. However, establishing a robust online presence and improving website traffic were the stepping stones.

Our Roles

  • Brand Development
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO
  • Focus on Online Presence

Incredible Results Achieved


Boost in Traffic

The optimized website and SEO strategies garnered better online presence and website traffic.


Daily Deals

With better reach, the deals improved significantly, with over 2000 coupons updated every day.

2.5Mn +

Monthly Website Visits

The improved search engine ranking and website SEO optimizations brought in better traffic.

Finding Solutions to Challenges Together

1. Optimizing the Website for SEO

  • Leveraging SEO tactics to update the website and reach the right audience
  • Leveraging SEO tactics to update the website and reach the right audience
  • Making the website more SEO-friendly
  • Improving Website Speed

2. Optimizing the Website for SEO

  • Identifying the scope for better user experience and conversions
  • Developing a chrome extension called “scout”
  • Enhancing customer retention and rewarding loyal customers

3. Enhancing Customer Experience

  • Making the coupon codes for different brands more visible with pop-ups
  • Allowing users to directly apply the code, saving their time, effort, and money
  • Increasing customer loyalty simultaneously

4. Building Brand Trust

  • Implementing Schema Markup on FAQs for each brand
  • Building transparency and brand value
  • Improving visibility in organic search results

Receiving Client Appreciation For

  • Effective SEO strategies and website optimization
  • Improved website traffic
  • Doubled Daily Deals
  • Great Returns on Investment

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